Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why Should I Join Liberty League

Today's article I found on the current page of someone else's blog for Liberty League. It's made to encourage you to think outside the box and can be used to motivate people to join any business. Not just Liberty League.

Ditching The Need For Other's Approval

One thing we know is true: if you want to become radically successful in any area of your life, it's going to require you to adopt a policy of not giving a rats you know what of what the masses out there think.

Do you get that?

Have you always been a part of the "herd" but always want to make a run for the fence ... you can't always hold hands with the herd and at the same time hop over the fence into a new life that you desire.

Most people need to have others approval with every thing that they do. "If I go on a diet, my girlfriends are just going to point out the fact that I failed at the last 6 times I started a diet." Or, "If I go and start this home business, my family is going to laugh at me for joining one of those things."

If you feel that way then here might be a solution for you:

Cowboy up and tell those people to mind their own business.

I kid you not. If you have someone in your life that's constantly knocking you down and criticizing you....reminding you of your past failures....trying to run your entire life your you...then maybe it's time you did something about it. Because if you're not willing to do that, you're basically saying "Their opinions and approval out way my own and my own personal beliefs for becoming what I want to be."

We all know life is too short to be playing with the wrong crowd. You need to choose your dreams and go for it.

The herd will still be grazing in the field when you come to find your self on top of a mountain looking over the world with success in your hands.

It's clear to see that this article can work not only for Liberty League but for any company that you're looking to drive motivated people to.