Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Liberty League - Don't Join Until You've Read This Page Top To Bottom

If you found your way to this blog than chances are you are thinking about or at least contemplating the idea of joining Liberty League. Before you do this please take the next five minutes here and read over this page from top to bottom. This blog was made for you and here you're going to get all the main details about Liberty League. Than you can decide for yourself if Liberty League is right for you.

Now I'd like to say that I didn't join Liberty League but the truth is I did. I was new to exploring what the internet had to offer as far as a home based business was concerned and one of the first companies to cross my path was Liberty League.

Liberty League was a little confusing to me but sounded like the answer I was looking for so I jumped right in. I'm sad to say this was a mistake and I'm glad you found this blog because maybe you can learn from my mistakes instead of learning from your own later on.

Maybe you already know about Liberty League and maybe you already joined Liberty League. For those that haven't joined Liberty League I'm going to go over the basics here so that everyone that reads this blog will completely understand everything.

Liberty League's been around now for quite some time. I believe they're on their eighth year now. Now with any older company there's two things that you want to watch out for and Liberty League has both of them. You don't want to join a MLM company and you don't want to join a pass-up company.

Can you make money with a MLM and or pass-up company. Sure you can but it's a heck of a lot harder than one that is not. Let's back up here and describe what an MLM company is. Liberty League is 100% MLM but they claim that they aren't.

So What's the definition of a MLM. Any MLM company consists of three levels or more. Each level in a company will give you a different pay out and each level will cost you more money to get to. So let's look at Liberty League as an example.

The three levels for Liberty League which are also there products are The Beyond Freedom, The Liberty Conference, and The Summit Conference. You have to qualify by passing up your first sales to reach any one of these three levels with Liberty League. And each level you are going to make a different amount of money when you sell one of these products or levels to the next person.

Hope that didn't confuse you there. Just know that there are three personal development products with Liberty League and to be able to sell all three of these products you have to pass up your first sales. Now this is where the pass-up program comes into play.

To qualify to sell the first personal development product with Liberty League which is the Beyond Freedom Program you're going to have to first buy the program your self for $1500 plus shipping and tax. Then your going to have to pass up your first two sales of the Beyond Freedom Program before you can then sell it on your own.

Next you're going to have to buy the Liberty Conference which is $8000. Ouch huh. After you purchase the Liberty Conference you then have to pass up your next four Liberty Conference sails before you then can make money on the sale of the conference tickets yourself.

Then the same thing happens all over again with the Summit Conference which by the way is $12,000. Once you have passed up four of your Summit Conference tickets to your Liberty League sponsor you then can make money on the sale of the tickets yourself.

So it's easy to see whether it's Liberty League or any other pass up company that pass up programs in general are a bad thing. In case you didn't put the numbers together of how much money you have to pass up to your sponsor with Liberty League the total comes out to $82,000.

This is a minimum because most people will not or simply can't afford to buy the Liberty and Summit conference tickets right off the bat when they join Liberty League. Also keep in mind when you buy either of the conference tickets that the tickets do not include air fare, hotel stay, transportation or food. You think they would for the price your paying for the tickets but sorry to say no they don't.

Now who's going to love you the most at Liberty League. Your sponsor of course because they just made a ton of money off of you. However there is only a small handful of people that are having success with Liberty League. These are people who are great sales men and don't mind selling their soul to get every last penny out of you.

There's only a handful of those at Liberty League that have any success with the program. Here's a scary fact. Not even 2% of the people that join Liberty League are going to have any success with the program. Just a little over 98% of the people that join Liberty League call it quits within their first year. I was one of them, in fact I only lasted about three weeks.

I never new about personal development and was glad that door was opened to me but I must say the Beyond Freedom Program I purchased was in no way close to being worth $1500. I got more out of a couple Cd's I checked out at my local library then I did out of Liberty League's Beyond Freedom Program.

If you still might be considering Liberty League keep in mind the initial cost of the program. You're first six month you will more than likely spend at least $30,000 which includes purchasing the products, getting to the conferences, and marketing your business. Also side note hear. The marketing training program with Liberty League is horrible!

Liberty League's back-office has very little as far as helping you advertise and market your business. They do have conference calls for training there members but the real reason for these calls is to convince you that you need to buy the Liberty and Summit Conference Tickets.

Also with Liberty League they charge their members for the daily conference calls that they hold. $99 every three months. Liberty League knows you don't have a chance in the world selling any of the three personal development products on your own so they charge you to get your prospects on the conference calls. Just when you thought they had taken enough of your money they pull this on you.

Liberty League is a good name for this company because it reminds me of Uncle Sam and how he always seems to take and take and never give back much in return. The question with Liberty League is can you see yourself asking people to give you $21,500 for buying all three personal development products. Personally I can't and would have a hard time living with the fact that I took that much money from someone that was going to have less than a 2% chance of success with Liberty League

So now you hopefully have a much broader understanding about Liberty League and how the company works. My reason for making this blog is two-fold. The first reason is I don't want people to make the same mistake I made and to know exactly what they're getting into with Liberty League.

The second reason is to let people know that there are better companies out there that can make you money. After Liberty League I spent several months researching all the internet marketing home based businesses out there. I wasn't about to make the same mistake that I had made with Liberty League so I took my time and thoroughly researched every company I could find on the interenet.

After finding this company and seeing there compensation plan and there marketing training program I new I had found the absolute best company out there. I didn't have to pass up any of my sales like at Liberty League and I didn't have to cough up around $30,000 and waste at least the next half of year of my life passing up my sales to my Liberty League sponsor and having nothing to show for it.

I'm proud to admit that in just the first couple of weeks after I had started to market my new business I had already brought in my first four sales which made me over $4000. Not to shabby huh? With Liberty League I spent my first three weeks getting absolutely no where with my sponsor.

So like I said the purpose of me making this blog is two fold. To help people stay clear of Liberty League and to show people a company that truly does make it possible for the average person to make a lot of money online.

If you want to check out my business than simply Click Here or click on one of the banners I've thrown on this site. Our company launched January 2008 and is at the ground floor level. This means there's not too many people advertising our company which means more people are going to be knocking on your door to join after you've become a member.

Liberty League and my new company are like night and day. We even give out free vacations to anyone who simply looks at our business. Did Liberty League offer you a free vacation just for looking at there business. Of course not. If you're serious about starting an online career and have decided not to go with Liberty League then check out are company, You'll be glad you did.

Update June 27, 2008

Today I am adding this update based on a comment that someone left for my blog. The comment said that my numbers were completely off and that there were so many inaccuracies in this blog the person couldn't count them all.

While I guarantee you that my numbers aren't off here I have realized that I need to take a different approach to this blog so hence forward this blog will only show articles that have been written by others. I've already made my opinion and now it's time to show everyone else's opinions on Liberty League.

I will show both sides of the fence here from now on. Some good and some bad. This blogs purpose will be for people to simply see what everyone else thinks and not just myself. Feel free to leave your comments whether good or bad. Don't forget to take the vote along the left side of this page as well so that we can determine how many people approve of Liberty League and how many don't.


Tony said...

Wow. There are so many inaccuracies in this blog, I don't even know where to start.

I would suggest that the author evidently has an axe to grind and -- as such -- is not in a position to give any advice except that which provides him with.....well, something to grind his axe on!

I respect that Liberty League might not be the author's choice....but if you're looking for FACTS about Liberty League, I would recommend you start at the company's official website: .

At least that way you will see an actual demonstration of the pay plan and not the wildly inaccurate numbers presented here.

Tony Rush