Monday, June 30, 2008

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Liberty League - Honest Business Review

A quick and to the point article on the Home Based Business Company Liberty League.

While I was researching over a hundred or so home based businesses, Liberty League was one of the company's I had taken the time to look at. Liberty League is well known for their personal development products and their luxury resort conferences that they hold each year.

The question with Liberty League or any home based business is are they legit and real? Should I join or look for something else? Are you really going to achieve the type of life style that Liberty League claims you will?

When you become a member with Liberty League your role will be to sell one or all of the three personal development products. The Beyond Freedom Program ($1495), the Liberty League 3 day Conference ($7995), and the Summit 5 day Conference (12,995).

Personally after researching and studying Liberty League I decided not to join. Allow me to be blunt and quick here and explain why I said no. The first reason I decided not to join is because the company is not 100% internet based. We are now in the internet age where everything is being done through computers.

The second reason I decided not to Join the League is that they are not 100% automated. Wouldn't you like to work with a company that gives you the opportunity to make money in your sleep? There are companies these days that do that for you.
The third reason I decided not to join is that there compensation plan has flaws and just isn't that great. After thoroughly reviewing over a hundred other companies and there compensation plans, Liberty League's just didn't add up.

While reviewing Liberty League I came across some past legal problems that the company had. In May 2006, the Arizona Attorney General issued Liberty League a $115,000 fine. In addition to Civil penalties, Attorney's fees, and Restitution, the defendants were also required to:

  • Refrain from making unsubstantiated income claims.
  • Advise there potential customers of the percentage of participants who have make a profit through the Liberty League program.
  • Refrain from making false or deceptive statements in their marketing materials.

There you have my short personal review along with the reasons that after thoroughly researching Liberty League I decided not to join. I hope you take this information to heart before you decide to join this company. With almost 3000 home based businesses out there now it's always a good idea to research a company just like we did with Liberty League here before you decide to join.