Saturday, June 28, 2008

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For Today's post I have gone to Ezine Articles, a popular site where people have there articles published. I did a search for the phrase Liberty League. This is the first article that came up when I did the search.

The Liberty League Review

Liberty League is a online company that offers people the ability to start there own home based business with them. Once your a member you can market and sell their products through there direct sales company Liberty League.

Liberty League sell and markets products which deal in the personal growth and development market. These products are for educational and training purposes. Here is a brief run down of the Liberty League opportunity and what they sell.

Liberty League's first and main product is the Beyond Freedom Program which has a cost of $1495. When you buy this product you will have to pass up your first two sales to your sponsor. Then you are qualified as a Beyond Freedom advisor and you can then sell the program yourself and make money on it.

This compensation plan where you pass up your first sales is known as an Australian 2-Up program with a payout of $1000 for every sale that you make as a qualified affiliate. The issue here with the Liberty League compensation plan is the requirement of two sales (hence 2-Up).

When you start out with Liberty League you pay the $1495 to become a Liberty League Business associate and then you pass up your first two sales for a total of $2000 to your sponsor. This means that you will spend at least $3500 before you have the opportunity to make any money with Liberty League.

Here's where those numbers came from. You paid $1500 for the personal development program when you joined the company. Then you passed up your first two sales to your sponsor. Two sales = $2000. This combined equals $3500. There are more fees involved which do not include the marketing costs but we won't get into that here.

The other issue with Liberty League is that once you bring someone into the company you only get their first two sales. Then you no longer get paid on their efforts once they start bringing people into the business. They break away from you and then are actually in direct competition with you to make sales with Liberty League.

Some people do well with Australian 2-Up programs like Liberty League has, but most people tend to struggle with these. I would recommend this program if you are already a sharp Internet marketer and you don't mind having to pass up your first 2 qualifying sales to your sponsor. Only you can decide if Liberty League is right for you.

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