Friday, June 27, 2008

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Today's Post has nothing to do with Liberty League. Every other post I like to give out tips on anything that can help people make money online.

Today's tip is about Google Adsense.

Google has quite a few guides and tutorials for helping people with their AdSense on their sites. However most of these guides are in a text format. Taking the time to read all these materials simply takes a lot of time and frankly is a bit on the boring side.

It's usually easier when you can simply watch a video or listen to an audio when learning something as oppose to reading. Some people love to read which is why Blogs such as this Liberty League Blog are so popular these days.

Here's the great news. The Australian Adsense team has gone and published a ten minute video on improving your Adsense. This video gives you a 5 - step guide to optimize your site so that you'll get better Adsense performance. They're going to show you some important things like choosing the right ad sizes, colors, and locations that work best for your Adsense.

Here's the link to watch the video:

My next post will be about Liberty League.