Sunday, June 29, 2008

| Liberty League | Learn How To Market Your Online Business - Part 1

Today's article has nothing to do with Liberty League but is about knowing what makes people buy with Internet Marketing - Part 1

There are many choices when it comes to Internet marketing and making money. You can go and set up your own e-commerce store, you can promote other products through affiliate programs, you can auction your items on Ebay, provide freelance services, you can run content blog sites for Google Adsense, write and market e-books, and many other forms of internet marketing. The list seems to go on and on.

Many of the making money online methods all have one thing in common. They involve products or some kind of service that you can market. One example is Liberty League. Liberty League is a direct sales company that markets personal development products. When you join Liberty League you will then go and market their personal development products to make money online.
One main key to making money online is obviously getting traffic to your website. But when you get people to your site you need to know what is going to make people buy from you. Let's examine what gives people the urge to buy from you.

Fast Action

Humans are basically very restless and want now, not later. Why do you think fast food restaurants are so popular? It's definitely not because the food is so great but because they can get it fast. Why does every household have a microwave that's used more than any other appliance in the house? Because we all have busy lifestyles and we don't have the time to do things leisurely. You want a product that the customer is going to know will increase their productivity and their speed. Your product needs to save your customer time.

Money Back Guarantee

People need to be reassured. They don't want to worry that what they're investing in will not offer them a money back guarantee. This is why what ever product you sell should have a money-back guarantee. When someone buys something knowing that they have nothing to lose because they have a guarantee gives them piece of mind and the assurance to go ahead and make the purchase.

Limited Quantity

Supply something in low quantities or at least give the customer the impression that only a few are available at any given time. Psychology states that when people know that there is a low supply of something they are then more apt to go and buy the product. If they know it's available now and will be the next week and the week after that they will be less likely to make a purchase from you or right off the bat. This is where if you don't offer a small quantity you should at least offer a sale price that will only last for a limited time.

I hope these few tips have helped you in knowing what will help you to make more sales with your business. These tips can be used both offline and online and for any business. They probably seem to be common sense tips but many people new to making money online tend to over look some of these key factors here. Look for part 2 of my knowing what makes people buy with internet marketing.

My next article will focus back over to Liberty League. Take Care.